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There’s a great story behind our donuts!

At Stone Ground we follow a standard, which we believe makes our donuts special.


Artisan as in hand-made, Artisan as in the craftmanship of our Donut Artists, the process by which we hand-create each and every bit of yumminess.


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The Story starts at 8am

Wash hands and shoulder a big sack of organic flour. A dozen free range eggs and a few bits and bobs - the donut mix is ready to go.

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Iced glaze or melted couverture chocolate, topped with caramel shards or honeycomb crunch, pistachio nuts or rainbow beans...

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Cinnamon sugar, simply warm and delicious.

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Warm fresh donut bites drizzled with salted caramel or melted chocolate - grab a fork and share your donut bite by bite.

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Boxed up and delivered

Birthday, office or chilling at home, order online and off they go.

Dark Chocolate & Pistachios

Lemon Drizzle Iced

Milk Chocolate & Honeycomb

Milk Chocolate & Organic Coconut

White Chocolate & Salted Caramel

Milk Chocolate & Roasted Hazelnuts

Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Shards

White Chocolate & Chocolate Crispies

Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate Sprinkles

Original Iced

Salted Caramel Iced

Milk Chocolate & Sprinkles

White Chocolate & Pistachios

Milk Chocolate & Rainbow Beans

Yin Yang

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WestQuay Southampton



Taking it back to another #sweetmoment, when @tomsbigeats created a whole new combo, posted on Insta 📸 and it became a trend! People saw it and came to try it! 😋 Donut bites, white chocolate and mini marshmallows. Nice one Tom - this one's a winner!⁠


Huge thanks to @sotonbloggers for this lovely comment 👉 "Did someone say Donuts? Have you tried @stonegrounddonuts in @westquay yet? They sell artisan donuts made to order with local free-range eggs and organic flour. They're really scrummy and you can get them on Deliveroo 😍😍"⁠ ⁠ Gifted Doughnuts 🍩⁠ ( 📷 @sotonbloggers )


Hey good lookin', where you been all my life??? 😍 We get this feeling whenever we make our Yin Yang donuts 'cause they're sooooo #BEAUTIFUL! ⁠ ⁠ When you get your box delivered today, show us which donut is your fav by tagging us @StoneGroundDonuts 📸⁠ ⁠ Order your box on #Deliveroo.


SO PRETTY 🤤 Tag us with your #StoneGroundDonuts when they arrive and we'll repost 📸⁠ Order your box on #Deliveroo.


It’s #Monday 😃 What are your plans today? Do they look anything like this? 😉📸 : @jasjenniferx⁠


Why choose 1 when you can have 12? 😁 Have you stopped by our kiosk at @Westquay yet? Tag a friend that would help you devour this lot! 😋🍩⁠


Show us some love if this is your kind of #StoneGroundDonuts box? 😻 It’s #DonutDayFriday tomorrow - the best day of the week where our #Deliveroo drivers ferry #artisandonuts to all the wonderful people of #Southampton. Find the magical link to our Deliveroo shop in our bio.⁠


A #LemonDrizzle Donut! The perfect #Wednesday treat. We're open until 8pm today and are located right by the #Apple store.⁠


T A S T Y 😍 Who got their box of Stone Ground Donuts during their Christmas shopping trip to @westquay today? 🍩Tag us with your box 📸⁠